Need a plumber in British Columbia? is a source of trusted and experienced plumbing contractors for your household emergencies, full service plumbing maintenance and repairs.

Plumbing problems can strike anytime and we understand how frustrating it can be for any homeowner. Contact our licensed professionals to promptly attend to any of the following problems with your plumbing:

Puddles of Water

Puddles of water are a sure sign of leaking or seeping pipes. A break in the pipe can suddenly burst, causing flooding in your property which can be a huge mess and a household nightmare. As soon as you notice water puddles, call any of our service providers immediately.

Weak Water Pressure

Weak water pressure is another sign of a leak, a seepage, or clogging. This is not only problematic when doing household chores, it will also rack up a huge water bill. Only professional plumbers can trace the cause/s of weak water pressure.

Burst Pipes

Bursting of pipes almost always comes unexpected and will suddenly cause flooding at home. Our service providers can promptly address this issue and also restore your water supply to normal.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a huge inconvenience especially during harsh winters in Canada. Having frozen pipes is just the same as not having water at all as no water will flow inside the home’s pipelines, which means no toilet usage, no shower, no cleaning up.

The problem does not stop there, in extreme cold weather, the pipe can burst due to the expansion as water turns to ice. In such cases, do not attempt to solve this yourself – thawing your pipes can cause cracks which can lead to more serious damage to your water lines. Call any of our plumbing experts immediately.

Water Heater Leak

Water heater leaks are to be taken seriously, when you notice such, shut it off immediately and call any of our plumbers.

Clogged Drains

When water starts to drain slowly from the sink or the bathroom floor, this is another sign of serious plumbing trouble. It can be due to an accumulation of food scraps, build up of grease, or in the case of a bathroom drain, loose hair build up.

It can be an inconvenience at the least, but it can potentially turn into a huge mess when water starts backing up. A common recourse it to use one of those household chemicals to drain to hopefully resolve this yourself, but these are strong chemicals that are corrosive enough to damage your pipelines.

A slow or poor floor drain can also be a sign of sewage backup, so best to call a licensed plumber immediately.

Toilet Overflow

One of the most serious and messy issues with plumbing problems is when a toilet is clogged or worse, a toilet overflows. This is messy and an outright emergency that usually is an indication of serious sewage issues. Call any of our trusted professionals to address the root of the problem in your toilet.

Sewage Odor

Speaking of sewage, there are other places where you might suspect sewage problems and should be a cause of concern. For instance, unpleasant odor coming from the faucet or shower.

If you have observed such, this is a serious cause of sewage issues and should be attended to immediately as this indicates a problem with your septic system. Water is backing up from the sewage and this is a serious health hazard.

Get Trusted Help from Vancouvercontractors For Plumbing Services

Our licensed and experienced plumbers have been carefully screened to address any of your plumbing problems.

Call on them for any of the following services:

Plumbing maintenance

Your pipes and drains should have regular maintenance and check to prevent emergencies. Maintenance includes cleaning, flushing of drains and sewage.

Frozen Pipes

Properly addressing frozen piper to restore water flow.

Faucet and Shower Repair

Leaks, no matter how little, can rack up your water bill and should not be taken lightly.

Sewer Repair and Septic System Maintenance

Septic systems require regular maintenance and our service providers can advise your septic system maintenance schedule.

Leak Detection

We trace leaks when water pressure has become weak or water puddles appear and perform the necessary pipe repair.

Pipe Relocation

Plumbers can also at times, shall also recommend a pipe relocation to keep your water supply at its optimum and relocate your pipes as they see fit.

Dishwasher Installation and Repair

Our plumbing contractors can fix your dishwasher when its problem is related to water line or drainage problems and is not performing as usual.

If you encounter any of these issues, simply browse through our list of professionals for prompt, reliable plumbing services in British Columbia.