How a space is designed impacts any household or business. Not only does it add beauty, but it also adds value and functionality. A professional interior design service can help you conceptualize and make your design plans come to life.

Interior Design Services

Design is more than what meets the eye. There are different elements involved when it comes to interior design, and every detail matters.

Space Planning

Space planning is about how to best use a given space. It is a crucial element in the design process of any given project. An interior designer will first assess the potential of a room to make sure that it will be transformed into a functional living space.

It is important to consider the overall structure of the room and the activities that it will be designed for. Finally, creating a space plan also involves how people will move through that space.

Project Management

Interior design service is multi-faceted. Aside from creative design, our team of professionals can oversee a project from beginning until completion. This service also includes making sure that deadlines are met, dealing with vendors and contractors, and collaborating with other teams.

Project management service ensures that there is clear communication between the client and the provider, and oversees the design and construction process. Routine site inspection is done to ensure adherence to the project’s goals.

Purchasing and Procurement

The design process also includes purchasing and procurement of goods. It is a crucial procedure that involves a lot of details, and it can also be time-consuming.

A professional interior designer begins with identifying items and pieces of furniture for a given space. Each item should have specific descriptions that include quantity, type of hardware, type of material, dimensions, vendor, and most importantly, price. The items needed will then be procured from a vendor or supplier, and then delivery will be arranged through a freight service.


Interior design installation service can include items such as furniture, fine art, antiques, other accessories, and delicate items that need special handling. In the installation procedure, we make sure that the furniture is arranged following the floor plan.

At this phase, it is important to conduct quality checks and to make sure everything fits while all the details are coming together.

Home Interior Design

This service encompasses the interiors of the house: the kitchen, bedroom, dining area, living room, balcony, and all the other types of rooms. You may also choose to have the whole house designed or just one room.

Home interior design service also takes into consideration you and your family’s needs. An expert team can work with you to create a plan from scratch or remodel your current space.

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial design services cover spaces such as offices, banks, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, and other establishments. Each business type has its own set of needs, characteristics, and protocols to follow. It is highly recommended to leave the designing to the experts.

Interior design can contribute to any businesses’ success. In comparison to residential design, commercial interior design is tied to building code requirements. This involves a lot of technical understanding.

Finally, commercial design takes inspiration from the company’s brand identity and makes sure that the overall project is aligned with it.


An interior redesign service creates a new look for your home or office using the existing materials that you already have. This may include relocating furniture and reusing old pieces. It is often an alternative to creating a new design plan from scratch.

Redesign begins with consultation and assessment. After careful planning, the redesign process comes next. Aside from aesthetics, the goal of redesign is to increase efficiency and functionality.

Hire Professional Interior Designers

We understand the importance of excellent interior design and all the elements that contribute to it. It involves not only creativity, but also extensive technical knowledge.

More than aesthetic appeal, it is important to consider efficiency, functionality, and comfort. Design should also improve quality of life. Attention to detail and careful planning are essential in the process. team is committed to delivering only the best interior design service in British Columbia. It all begins with understanding the client’s wants and needs. With our experience, we can then determine, create, and execute a concept or a plan for any kind of project.

We have a wide network of vendors, artisans, suppliers and other service providers needed to complete any type of project. team of professionals will work closely with you and assist with all your design needs from conceptualization to finish. We cater to both residential and commercial projects. Take one step closer to your dream space beginning with a consultation today.