Looking for a competent general contractor in British Columbia for your property renovation? Find one easily in our listing here at Vancouvercontractors.ca.

Upgrading your property improves its market value and makes it a pleasant space to live in and it must be worth your investment. However, because house renovations are indeed a serious undertaking, you have to make sure must be done right from the very start with the right professional.

An unlicenced service provider may save you a few bucks, but it can turn out to be more costly in the end due to building code violations.

In such as unfortunate event, it will compromise the safety of you and your family, of the integrity of your property, and can possibly result to messy lawsuits.

Thus when scouting for a general contractor, you want one that is licenced, experienced and yet within your budget without compromising quality.

With our listing of general contractors in British Columbia, you have the convenience and luxury of looking up several options based on certain criteria. From your list of candidates, you get to finally settle for one to expedite your renovation plan.

While the final agreement you will have with your chosen service provider legally involves a contract between just the two of you, we at Vancouvercontractors.ca want to help you choose wisely.

Our listing of general contractors in British Columbia gives you peace of mind because we screen our service providers for you, making sure they are licenced professionals. Here are the things you should look for when choosing a service provider.

How To Choose Your General Contractor in British Columbia

Check their Licence

It goes without saying that your service provide must be a licenced professional as they are knowledgeable with building codes and laws. However, you need to dig deeper.

General contractors in B.C. need to renew their licence every year to be in good standing. Thus, make sure that your general contractor has an updated licence to be a residential builder.

HST Registration

A licence is one thing, an HST Registration is another. This is to make sure your service provider is a legally registered business in Canada. This will protect your interests should any dispute or complaint arise.

Credit Check

A contractor with a good credit standing will give you peace of mind that the funds you entrust to the contractor will allocate it judiciously and not scrimp on the quality of materials just to rack-up their profit margin.

The worse scenario is that the project might be left unfinished because of the contractor’s poor fund management.


Check the contractor’s portfolio. How many years have they been in business? What were their past projects and how recent were they?


You do not want a general contractor to scrimp on materials or unnecessarily hasten a project just to be able to stay within budget but compromise safety and quality in the process.

Or worse, having an unfinished renovation project just because the cost went beyond what was originally planned.

Hence you need to ask for a quote from several providers and make sure that the budget is clear from the very start.

Keep in mind though, that if you are still in the planning stage and not sure what the entire scope of the renovation will be, it helps to make sure that you have a certain contingency budget for additional costs.

This may be due to repairs uncovered by the contractor, or, basing on their experience, they may make suggestions to improve the final outcome of the renovation.


While still scouting for candidates, with all the other above criteria met, a contractor who promptly responds and communicates with you is a clear sign that he will be in close contact during the renovation project itself.

Communication is very important because you want to make sure that you stay within budget and that there are no unpleasant surprises after the project.

A responsive candidate will give you peace of mind that when your house improvement project starts, your renovation project is going as expected during the entire duration.

Reviews and Reputation

Check the reviews, read comments about their past projects especially the most recent ones.

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