Building a fence around your home is not as simple as you think., and we are not even talking about the materials and designs. There are indeed laws in building a fence. Hence, browsing our list of fencers in British Columbia will not just give you choices for materials and design. More importantly, it ensures that you have followed the BC building codes and local bylaws as these contractors are fully aware of them.

Knowing Your Legal Rights

Building your fence

It is generally not required in BC to build a fence, no law says you should divide neighboring properties. Most homeowners just want to. Some rules though do dictate what kind of fence is allowed and where it can be placed. There are a few instances where a fence is required (and fencers in British Columbia know this)

1. When your property has a swimming pool,
2. When you have a dog, the dog must be secured within a fence,
3. Some housing developments such as strata properties require fences to divide units

Can I build fence on property line?

You cannot build on the common property line unless you mutually agree with your neighbor. If unsure about the property line, a fence contractor can do the land survey for you to determine the exact boundary.

If you and the neighbor mutually agree, then it is between the two of you on who will shoulder the expenses. It is highly advisable to put your agreement in writing. The best option however, it to build within your property so as to avoid any dispute in the future.

Keep in mind that should a dispute reach legal resolution, you are living next to each other and it is best to be on good terms.

What type of fence can I have around my property?

There are local bylaws for every town and community in BC regarding the type of fence you can build. Before choosing what fence to build for aesthetic or security purposes, consult a licenced fence contractor in British Columbia who knows the bylaws.

For instance, a fence between properties must not have the type with an electric voltage nor barbed wire.

There are also zoning bylaws as to the height of the fence you can build. A typical example is your front yard fence cannot be higher than four feet, while side and back fences can be higher.
Then there are areas where owners of corner properties cannot build a fence that will obstruct incoming traffic view.

Do I need a building permit for a fence?

There are areas that do not. But some areas do need a building permit, and it is your fencing contractor who can assist you with this and provide more information. You can check Civic Info to be sure about the fence bylaws.

Also, it is illegal in BC to move the survey monuments of corners and property, while in the case of housing developments, there may be certain styles to follow, or not allow it at all.

Another thing to remember is to make sure that you are not hitting any water lines, septic lines, telecommunication and electrical lines. Best that you call BC One Call (for free) at 1-800-474-6886 before you dig to prevent any accidents while digging.

Fence maintenance

Maintenance of a fence is required in some city and town bylaws. If the fence is right along the property line, agree with your neighbor in sharing the mutual upkeep.

Choosing Fencers in British Columbia

We made it easier for you to search for licenced fencers in British Columbia all in one site. With all the legalities, building codes and local bylaws per city or town, finding a licenced fencing contractor will save you from costly repercussions later on.

Aside from the peace of mind in choosing a licenced contractor that will save you from disputes, accidents, and possible lawsuits, here are other things you should ask your shortlist of fencers:

1. Check their previous projects
2. Read reviews
3. Ask for a quote from several providers, give specifics as much as possible, and ask the timeline of the project.
4. Check your options for fence materials and designs, there are many designs and materials available now. The materials and design will also be dependent on some factors, like the external design of your home, the occupants, or does the property have a pool, ease of maintenance among other things.

After checking all of these, you can safely narrow down your search and spend on your fence that can last a long time. Search for a fence contractor in B.C. now!