This site provides a listing of licensed electrical contractors within the Province of British Columbia for all your installation, check-up, maintenance, and repair of your electrical systems and installations.

Owing to the challenge of safety in the execution of their services, all electricians must hold a Certificate of Apprenticeship or Certificate of Qualification.

Only licensed electricians are legally allowed to do work in your property, or the consequences can cause serious injury or even death, loss of property, or denied insurance claims. It is for your best interest, peace of mind, and safety that you hire a licensed electrician.

Why Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor?

Training and Proficiency

To be a licensed electrician, one undergoes formal training, undergoing a series of proficiency and testing standards to ensure that the work performed is well within safety codes. Licensed contractors are adept with these local safety codes in your locality such as in British Columbia.

Bigger projects that are electrical in nature also require licensing and permits, and you cannot get a permit for such work if not executed by a licensed professional.

In addition to safety code mastery, service professionals must complete hours of practical work as part of their license requirement.


A licensed electrician is quick to identify any potential safety risk prior to starting a project or check your existing one for electrical hazards in your home that you may not be aware of. Unknowingly, you may be sitting on a potential fire hazard waiting to happen.

Thus, hiring a professional means peace of mind for you and all occupants.

Expert Work Output

A certified electrical contractor will give you expert advice and execute the same when choosing materials for any electrical work you need to have done. They know the capacity of the materials needed to ensure there will be no electrical overload and your property remains well within the safe side.

They will also work with the recommended measures to ensure that your entire electrical installation is well-planned and suited according to your household requirements.

Guarantees, Insurance

Licensed electricians are confident to offer guarantees for work for a set amount of time, after which it is best that you have them conduct periodic inspections to stay within the safe zone.

Quality Inspection

Your household’s electrical requirements change over time, such as when there are more occupants, or you have new appliances that need electrical reworking. Having a professional electrician can recommend and execute any changes need or any wear-out of your electrical lines that need rewiring.

FAQs – Electrical Work

Can you do DIY electrical work?

DIY projects are a common sight in home depots and hardware shops. While it may seem easy to do, when it comes to work requiring electrical supply, keep in mind that you are unknowingly adding more power load into your entire electrical set up.

Gradually adding a new installation here and there can add up and cause electrical overload, and you could be sitting on a fire hazard.

Does all electrical work need certification?

No it does not. Only when the changes in your electrical system are major do you need permits and licensing of the project. For minor electrical work, hiring a licensed electrician is suffice.

As an example, adding power outlets is considered major, and so is rewiring. It is in your best interest that you contact any of our licensed contractors as they know best and give you the ideal recommendation.

Is an electrical safety certificate a legal requirement when selling a house?

No, it is not a requirement for the seller to provide an electrical safety certificate when selling a house.

It is however to your advantage as a seller if you present one, as this is a good selling point.

Do I need a regular inspection by an electrician even if I see no apparent problem?

It is best to have a regular inspection every few years because over time, wirings may wear out and need replacement. Or sometimes, your house may need a rewiring as you gradually add appliances and power outlets. Better be safe than sorry.

Finding a Licensed Electrician in the British Columbia

First, make sure of the work required. If it is a major one such as installing power outlet, a new circuit breaker, or rewiring, then it requires a permit. Some of the work required though may not be apparent until an electrician has inspected your property. He might recommend more than what you see.

Second, check an electrician’s licenses. This is necessary especially when applying for a permit on the electrical work to be performed.

Third, ask for the licenses contractor’s referrals and check reviews online.

Here at, we help you find your licensed electrician in the British Columbia. Start your search now!